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Strada Regionale ss429 + sr69 (95 Km)

The city of Arezzo is located where three of the four valleys composing its province meet. Casentino (the valley where the first stretch of Arno river flows) is located north of the city; Val d'Arno is located in the north-west; south of Arezzo there's Val di Chiana, a reclaimed valley. Thanks to the “Torrino” pass you can reach the fourth valley: Valtiberina, with the first stretch of Tevere river. The landscape around Arezzo is therefore very varied, switching from plain to hills and mountains. The historical centre of Arezzo is an evidence of the city's ancient traditions.

Leaving the lanes, towards the Piazza Grande, you find the imposing cathedral, in Gothic style, with the tomb of Pope Gregory X and the “Maddalena” fresco by Piero Della Francesca. Hidden by the cathedral, there's the park where musical festivals take place: the rock festival Play Arezzo Art Festival has today replaced Arezzo Wave. Many artists have been playing there, such as Lou Reed, Tracy Chapman, Patty Smith.

Arezzo has also been chosen as a location for many important and famous movies, such as Il Ciclone, Quore, and above all Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni

Among historical re-enactments, the most important is “Giostra del Saracino”, taking place on the Piazza Grande on the next to last Saturday of June at night and on the first Sunday of September at daytime: the four city districts (Porta Del Foro, Porta Crucifera, Porta Santo Spirito and Porta Sant'Andrea) challenge in the joust. Every knight, riding a horse, must stub with his lance a target held by the “Buratto” (a statue of a Saracen, giving the name to the joust).

Medieval re-enactments, Music festivals, movies... all makes Arezzo a magic city, famous not only for its ancient history and art, but for important cultural events as well.

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