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Strada Statale ss68 (31 Km)

The history of Volterra, town of Etruscan origin, is strictly connected to the nearby town of San Gimignano. Princes Bartoly were actually masters of both Volterra and San Gimignano.

Volterra is famous for alabaster production and keeps a beautiful historical centre with Roman ruins and medieval buildings such as the cathedral and the “Palazzo dei Priori”.

The Medici fortress, today a maximun securuty prison, is very interesting: it was built on the top of the town and has an imposing appearance. It is composed by the Old Fortess and the New Fortress, united by walls on Lorenzo The Magnificent's will. Volterra The picture gallery is also very important, with some valuable paintings such as those of Domenico Ghirlandaio.

You cannot visit Volterra missing the Roman amphitheatre. Volterra is a tourist town, with an interesting night life: every year there are music festivals and traditional events of medieval inspiration. Volterra is easily reachable and stands out among the countryside, with its lanes, all to be discovered and to get lost in.

“Volterra is what it is and what it lets you see”.

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