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Strada Provinciale sp79 (57 Km)

Firenze! What can we say or miss about Firenze? Everything and nothing. Firenze was the cradle of Renaissance, with the Medici family and artists that enriched the city with their masterpieces. Dante Alighieri himself was from Firenze. Many artists (that even were not born or hadn't lived there) lies in Firenze: in Santa Croce church you can find the graves of Buonarroti, Machiavelli, Fermi, Galileo, Foscolo and many others.

Firenze was the capital of Granducato di Toscana and then of Italy from 1865 to 1871. Many pages could be written on historical places and architecture treasures that make Firenze magic and unique.

In Firenze you can enjoy walking through the streets of the historical centre, shopping, talking to local people, tasting typical food. In Firenze you cannot miss a sandwich with “lampredotto” or “porchetta” (with a good glass of wine), better if eaten at Piazzale Michelangelo, with a spectacular view over the city.

“Boboli” garden, within the city walls, is a perfect place for relaxing in a hot summer afternoon. Furthermore in the summer evenings it's the location of theatre shows.

Firenze doesn't mean only history and art: it's a living city, with a lively night life.

Santa Croce area is usually full of young people from all over the world (many students from all over Italy and abroad attend the University in Firenze): there you can find pubs and discos. Many cultural events take place in Firenze: the theatre season at the Teatro Comunale, rock and pops concerts, football matches and much more.

There's much more about Firenze that we let you discover...

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